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Trouble in Happytown is an endless runner created in 4 days for the jamDNA 15 game jam.

Shoot with the arrow keys, jump with W and press spacebar when your hyper meter is filled to activate hyperactive mode to regain health and shoot faster for a short period.
Shooting downwards will propel you up allowing you to jump higher and have more control over your air movement.
Use the arrow keys and the spacebar or enter to navigate the menu.

Trouble in Happytown incorporates the following criteria:

Endless Runner: The game has you running endlessly towards enemies.

Happy: Happiness is reflected in the games art, music, and setting / plot.

Hyperactive: Hyperactive is reflected in the "hyper meter" mechanic as well as the overall feel of the game.

Chiptune: Chiptune is reflected in the games music and sound effects.

All assets created during the jam period by Boykala and ZachIsZef.


Trouble in Happytown.zip 7 MB

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