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Laser Precision Rhythm is a rhythm game about dodging lasers made in 4 days for the jamDNA 14 game jam.

Navigate the menus using the arrow keys and space or enter.  In the game use the arrow keys to dash in a direction.  Press escape during any level to return to the main menu.

Laser Precision Rhythm incorporates the following criteria:

This criteria is met through pixel graphics and synthesized music.

This criteria is met by being the method by which the character dodges lasers.  It's also the only way to move the character.

Lasers are the only obstacle in the game, you lose health when you're hit by a laser and you progress by dodging them.

Arpeggio's are the foundation of all the game's music.

Game by Boykala with art and music by ZachIsZef,


Laser Precision Rhythm.zip 47 MB

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